Dnipro Medical Institute (Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine).

Where Education Matters.

Dnipro (short for Dnipropetrovsk) Medical Institute of Medicine knows what it takes to enhance your medical or dental education. Our unique approach to learning and top quality faculty makes Dnipro Medical Institute (Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine) more than just a physical University - it’s a life experience. We invite you to explore Dnipro Medical Institute's dynamic and diverse community, and stop by for a visit at your convenience.

About Us

Dnipropetrovsk or Dnipro Medical Institute  (Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine) provides an enriched learning environment that has helped thousands of students go on to become renowned doctors. Founded in 1993, the University is located in Dnipro (otherwise known as Dnipropetrovsk) and reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area. Dnipro Medical Institute is extremely proud of its students and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together. Give us a call if you need more information.

Being one of the best medical universities worldwide, Dnipro Medical Institute is a Ukrainian research and teaching university with world-class facilities and teaching, innovative learning environments and unrivalled support in our Medicine and Dentistry degree programmes. Dnipro Medical Institute backs this up with superb local accommodation and excellent sport and social amenities.

Join Dnipro Medical Institute's vibrant international student community!

You will receive a warm welcome and plenty of support to help you succeed.

Hundreds of international students from many countries choose to study at the Dnipro Medical Institute each year. In addition, the university has links with universities and partners around the world, and is a truly international  Medical institution.

We understand that studying overseas can be a big step.  Special induction programs are set up to help you settle in and find your way around. You will also be offered support throughout your time at university. If you have any questions about studying in Dnipro please use the contact form.



Make life-long friends, benefit from highly fascinating research facilities and get involved in an active student community on campus. Enjoy a diverse student atmosphere.

You can also expect;

  • a 300-seat theatre

  • Restaurants and Bars to suit your taste and needs

  • a supportive and active student community

  • learning environments to help you excel in your chosen course

  • landscaped surroundings and beautiful scenery

You will get a different experience from each departments' personalities and academic specialisms.

Dnipro is slowly becoming the international hub in Ukraine for students, allowing you the chance to network and make many international friends.


Be part of an excellent standard Campus known for consistently exceeding international students' requirements.

The University Library offers you a comprehensive collection of books and journals, both electronic and print.

Be part of Dnipro Medical Institute's family after graduation. You will benefit from the university's close industry links with many employers, who offer invaluable work experience opportunities to help you become career-ready.

The ideal location of the university is only a few minute's walk from the city center, gyms and our grand FC Dnipro football club.

Our numerous societies and organised student campaigns ensure that you integrate and enjoy your university experience.

We always try to improve and invest in our ever growing campus to attract international talent.


University Hospitals of Dnipro are home to a vibrant community of medical students. Dnipro  Medical Institute is known for its excellence in student engagement, and the collaboration in learning goes beyond the university's excellent libraries and Anatomy Laboratories; you can chat and share a coffee in the Hospital Ground floor cafe with doctors involved in ground breaking medical research. Alternatively join the Hospital's events, clubs and socials; and public engagement opportunities.

The Hospital's up to date technology and equipment mean that you will be trained on the latest diagnosis and treatment methods.

You will learn alongside students from Dnipro Medical Institute's neighbouring university; Dnipro State University, giving you opportunities to share knowledge and discuss ideas across different institutions.


Dnipro (previously known as Dnipropetrovsk) is an extremely safe city with an overall family feel, because of the highly welcoming locals. The city is filled with life, a burgeoning sense of creativity, and an expanding international presence.  During your free time you can explore the Rocket Parkcraft beer pubs and specialty coffee shops. The city's technologically advanced Scientific community is famous for producing space rockets, satellites, and agricultural equipment.

Dnipro offers you Europe's largest and most beautiful promenade, a modern and vibrant circus, ballet studios and popular jazz orchestra events.

For transport the city offers an airport, swift trains, buses, and cheap taxis. Don't worry about the language barrier because many young people speak English and are always willing to help!


Entry Requirements

Dnipro Medical Institute (Traditional and Non-Traditional medicine) is an internationally distinguished university and every year the university's family of international students is growing rapidly. Everyone is invited from all walks of life to apply and show us their passion for healthcare.

The university loves to hear from students who are determined to succeed and by contributing towards the university's vibrant campus and contribute towards healthcare of their communities.

The university does not discriminate. Every application is looked at individually, and assessed according to your strengths. 

We want to help you pursue a degree in medicine or dental medicine. Send us an application and we'll inform you on the university's decision rapidly, so you can begin planning your exciting journey to Ukraine.


Tuition Fees for the Full-Time International English Programs of Medicine or Dental Medicine

Initial year of entry: One payment of $5500 per academic year

Medicine from Year 2-6: One payment of $4000 per academic year

Dentistry from Year 2-5: One payment of $4000 per academic year

Graduate entry course fees differ.

$4000 US Dollars is equal to approx GBP £3168 or €3330 Euros.

Bursaries and scholarships may be available after year 1, for international students who perform exceptionally, at the discretion of the university.



Sevastopolska St, 17, Dnipropetrovs'k,

Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine, 49000