What does the tuition fee cover?

Dnipro Medical Institute operates a fair fee policy which offers a guarantee about the costs of studying on your course. Please find out what's included in your tuition fee. Lectures, seminars and tutorials – You will tend to have more contact time built into the course with some emphasis on independent study).

You can also expect to be assigned a personal tutor when you start your course and you will have one-to-one appointments with them to discuss your progress throughout the course and they can help you with any problems you encounter.

Electives – Hospital learning is a major component to pass your course as an international medicine student or it will make up part of your assessments. Although you will still need to pay for your own food, drink and souvenirs. International students are usually obliged to have health insurance, so please have this on you at all times whether you're learning at the university, laboratories or hospital.

Access to the library – We have a well-stocked library of International literature and, as part of your tuition fees, you will be able to access the library whenever it is open and also use our electronic libraries to access papers and journals. We hold copies of the books on the recommended reading lists for each course for you to borrow and some of the reading material will also be available for you to read online.


Medical Equipment – As an International medical student, you will have access to  and training on the most up to date medical machinery and medical techniques. You will be trained by world-class talented medical professors, consultants and doctors who speak fluent English.  Most of our staff have learned or practiced in English speaking countries, so you can gain a wide perspective of opinions and insight. 

Electives/Internships  – Your assigned tutor will help you organize Electives or Internships in any of the local clinics or main Hospital. Usually most Ukrainian patients are multilingual and if they don't speak English then your tutor will translate for you so you can maximize your clinical experience. 


Anatomy laboratories  – We have numerous cadavers for you to learn anatomy and practice your dissecting techniques on. There are always spare cadavers for you to learn with during your free time. Anatomy laboratories are open for independent learning throughout the week when the university is open. 

Research Opportunities  –  Dnipro Medical Institute has established itself as a leading research university in the fields of medicine and dentistry. We have had lots of coverage and won international awards for our breakthrough research. International students are always encouraged to get involved in our numerous research studies taking place on campus during their stay and to get their names published. We have gathered much funding for research, so we are always excited when international students want to be involved.

Computing facilities – As a student you will be able to access our technology facilities on campus to help with your studies. International students are also offered a ‘laptop lending’ services so that you can borrow a laptop to use for 48 hours.

International Student support services – Coming to new country and university is about more than just studying for a medical degree and can take some getting used to. We offer lots of student support services and careers counselling to help you make the most of your time in Dnipro, Ukraine.

Students' Union – Your tuition fee will cover the costs of you becoming an member of the National Union of Students. The Union is set up to look out for the best interests of our International medical students and can offer you an independent source of advice and help when you need it whilst at university.

Admin work– Behind the scenes we do lots of other stuff for you like registering you on your course, providing you with hand outs, organizing Electives or Internships, and arranging for you to sit your exams. We don’t charge you for exam resits unless you have failed a module entirely and then there will be additional fees charged. We also include the costs of attending your graduation ceremony, including photographs.


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